About Us

Hello There,

My name is Deshanna/Owner of Just Virtuous Skincare. I’m 28 years old mom entrepreneur from a small town in Mississippi but I currently reside in Austin, TX.   Just Virtuous was established during the toughest time in 2020. This company is Black Owned and strives to help all skin type. I started my brand to help others overcome acne, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring. The products were formulated and used on myself for years before sharing with others. I discover my passion for skincare when I started to have hormonal acne back in 2015. The sudden change of my skin started to affect my confidence. At that point, I needed to improve my skin and restore my natural glow. I strongly wanted to find the solution for my skin and luckily I did.

After experiencing acne for myself, I decide to share my natural/holistic remedies to others who are experiencing skin blemishes like acne, blackheads, whiteheads, hyperpigmentation, and more. There are absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances. Every bottle or jar is hand made with love, in hopes of being able to also be the solution to another person's skin problem. 

We want to offer our customers great quality products and good buying experience. Just Virtuous has been striving to improve our products since 2018. We strive to give quality skincare products to enhance healthy skin the holistic way. We started with our 3-piece skin care regimen which includes soap, toner, and moisturizer. We will continue to bring quality products to our company to enhance ones confidence in self. We will specialize in face and body products with the finest ingredients.  All vegan... No animal cruelty... No Parabens.